Leckey Sleepform Kit on Tadpole AdaptiveLeckey Sleepform Kit on Tadpole Adaptive
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  • Leckey Sleepform with fitted sheet, chest guide and leg guides
  • Leckey Sleepform Kit on Tadpole Adaptive
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Leckey Sleepform

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Leckey Sleepform

Many families struggle every night to support their children in comfortable and safe sleeping positions. The Leckey Sleepform is designed to provide comfortable and secure support for children as they rest, preventing destructive postures during sleep. The Leckey Sleepform system is a positioning system that allows families to provide custom support every night using a simple combination of supports:

  • Grid Sheet ~ This is a fitted sheet that fits either a crib or single bed mattress.  It provides a reference for placing the positioners each night.
  • Sleepform Mattress ~ This is a moldable cushion that is formed and reformed with the use of the provided hand pump.  It's like a bean bag that has the air removed to hold each unique shape.  It can hold it's shape for months or be changed each night. 
  • Air-Flow Mattress~ Soft and Breathable, this is the soft cover that is used over the Sleepform Mattress.
  • Optional Positioning Accessories~ Additional accessories can be used to provide support for your child's torso and legs.

You can purchase the Sleepform in as a Mattress Only or as a Kit

Mattress Only

Sleepform Mattress & Air-Flow Mattress, Pump/Bag

Sleepform Kit

Sleepform Mattress & Air-Flow Mattress, Pump/Bag, (2) Fitted Grid Sheets, Chest/Hip Guide, Leg/Knee Guide

 Leckey Sleepform Mattress on Tadpole Adaptive Leckey Airflow Mattress on Tadpole Adaptive Leckey Sleepform Mattress 2 on Tadpole Adaptive   Leckey Airflow Mattress 2 on Tadpole Adaptive
     Leckey Sleepform Grid Sheet on Tadpole Adaptive  Leckey Sleepform Chest Strap on Tadpole Adaptive
    Leckey Sleepform Leg/Knee Guide on Tadpole Adaptive


Children spend 42% of their time in a sleeping or lying position (Goldsmith, 2000; Leckey.com). Shouldn't the same effort we spend on positioning during the day be spent on positioning at night? The Sleepform is a great option for families who are focusing on providing 24 hour positioning for their children with special needs. The Sleepform system is designed to be used in a crib or a single bed and is available in 4 sizes.

  • Size 1 - 0-1 Years - Crib
  • Size 2 - 1-5 Years - Crib
  • Size 3 - 1-5 Years - Single Bed
  • Size 4 - 5-18 Years - Single Bed

The Leckey Sleepform was designed following research on over 20 case studies some of which lasted over 2 years. We strongly suggest that you download and read the Sleepform Brochure that can be found on the "Materials" tab above.


Pelvic Stability

Just like during the day, at night, the pelvis is the first part of the body to consider for stability and support.  It affects the symmetry of the whole body.


Leckey Sleepform 1 on Tadpole Adaptive Leckey Sleepform 2 on Tadpole Adaptive

 Back Sleeping

The pelvis can be supported and maintained in a neutral positon using the molded Sleepform Mattress.


Side Sleeping

When side sleeping is recommended, the addition of the Air-Flow Knee Pillow protects skin and bony prominences.


Trunk and Head Alignment


Symmetrical support of the trunk and head during sleep is extremely important as gravity and high tone can cause destructive changes to the shape of the ribcage.  Postural changes can lead to long term difficulties with breathing and digestion.


Leckey Sleepform 3 on Tadpole Adaptive


The Sleepform Mattress can be flipped head to toe and used to support your child's trunk.  This position is best when stabilizing the trunk and shoulders is the biggest sleeping challenge.


  Leg and Foot Positioning


High tone make positioning the legs a challenge during the night.  The Sleepform System has many accessories to assist with positioning of the legs and feet. 


 Leckey Sleepform 4 on Tadpole Adaptive Leckey Sleepform 5 on Tadpole Adaptive 

When your child has tight hamstrings, lying without support is uncomfortable and promotes legs falling to one side or another.  Supporting behind the knees takes the strain off the hamstrings.  Try not to promote shortening of the hamstrings at night,  but also don't stretch your child all night either... find a balance. 


 When legs are windsweeping, frogging, or scissoring, the Sleepform has optional Elastic Leg Guides to allow limited movement while gently guiding legs back to a midline position. 

  A Little Funky, A Little Comfy

  Leckey Sleepform w Sheet on Tadpole Adaptive


Covered with a fitted sheet, the Leckey Sleepform system above with the chest guide and leg guides is a little funky, but it provides great options for a family working on a 24 hour positioning program. 





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