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  1. Leckey Mygo Stander

    Leckey Mygo Stander

    Regular Price: $3,676.00

    Special Price: $3,124.60

    The Leckey Mygo Stander is great 3 function stander (Prone Stander, Supine Stander, Upright Stander) that has many thoughtful accessories and features that provide significant clinical advantages to other devices available. Learn More
  2. Leckey | Waistcoat 2 | Tadpole Adaptive

    Leckey Waistcoat

    Children and teens often require additional support of a harness to maintain a safe seated position. The Leckey Waistcoat fits onto almost any seating system (or seat for that matter) and supports the trunk, shoulders and pelvis effectively. Learn More
  3. Leckey Pediatric TotStander

    Leckey Pediatric TotStander

    Leckey Pediatric TotStander is a pre-school version designed to meet the needs of children at the early stages of standing. Totstander promotes active standing, movement and weight shifting depending on the child’s level of ability. Learn More
  4. Leckey | Squiggles Stander | Main | Tadpole Adaptive

    Leckey Squiggles Stander

    Regular Price: $3,681.00

    Special Price: $2,944.80

    Starting at: $2,508.80
    The Leckey Squiggles Stander is a great 3-in-1 stander capable of Prone, Supine and Upright positions on 4 different bases. 4 fun colors for children age 1-5. Learn More
  5. Leckey | Horizon Main Image | Tadpole Adaptive

    Leckey Horizon Stander

    The three-in-one Horizon Stander is a robust, durable, adjustable prone, upright and supine stander. The degree of height and angle adjustability from prone through to supine offers clinicians the tools to design standing therapy programmes for a range of individuals, both in terms of their clinical requirements and age. Learn More
  6. Leckey Everyday Activity Seat Base Model Raspberry | Tadpoleadaptive

    Leckey Everyday Activity Seat

    The Everyday Activity Seat is available in 3 sizes, 4 chassis types, 2 chassis colours, 2 fabric types and 5 colours options. A range of accessories are available which allows the therapist to exactly match the client's postural needs. Learn More

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