R82, Inc. was started in 1987 by Janet and Kirk MacKenzie, and Carlisle and Norman Scott, to distribute an innovative product developed in Scotland for children who required postural assistance to sit properly. The product, appropriately called the Snug Seat, was immediately embraced by the U.S. medical community which opened our eyes to the lack of appropriate products for our kids. Our success allowed us to expand our focus to include developing and manufacturing new products to enable children with special needs to live a better and more inclusive life-style.

In 1996 Snug Seat became the North American distributor for R82 A/S, a Danish company with the same commitment to helping children. This alliance allowed R82 to gain a foothold in North America and provided Snug Seat access to products that had a reputation for design, function, and manufacturing excellence. The relationship was so successful that R82 acquired a controlling interest in Snug Seat in 1998 which they still maintain.

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  1. R82 Mustang Arm Prompts

    R82 Mustang Arm Prompts

    Regular Price: $385.00

    Special Price: $346.50

    The arm prompts can be use in both the posterior and anterior position. Available in 3 sizes. They provide multiple adjustments for angle, depth, and height. Learn More
  2. R82 Mustang Arm Rests

    R82 Mustang Arm Rests

    Regular Price: $410.00

    Special Price: $369.00

    Forearm support with a grip handle. This support is a good choice for a child with good hand control but will benefit from leaning forward and putting weight on their forearms while walking. Learn More
  3. R82 Mustang Leg Separator

    R82 Mustang Leg Separator

    Regular Price: $290.00

    Special Price: $261.00

    Plastic panel that hangs down to prevent leg crossing for children who scissor when walking. Size based on frame. Learn More
  4. R82 Mustang Attendant Guide Bar

    R82 Mustang Attendant Guide Bar

    Regular Price: $200.00

    Special Price: $180.00

    Available for Size 1 & 2 only. Provides method to guide and control the Mustang for little ones that need some assistance. Learn More
  5. R82 Mustang Ankle Prompt

    R82 Mustang Ankle Prompt

    Regular Price: $175.00

    Special Price: $158.00

    Sliding prompt with velcro cuff that provides a balance of guidance and freedom for stepping. Sized based on frame. Learn More
  6. R82 Mustang Leg Pad

    R82 Mustang Leg Pad

    Regular Price: $135.00

    Special Price: $121.50

    This pad covers the center mounting area and provides padding. Learn More
  7. R82 Mustang Storage Pouch

    R82 Mustang Storage Pouch

    Regular Price: $97.00

    Special Price: $87.30

    The storage pouch is available for size 1 & 2. Learn More
  8. R82 Mustang Storage Bag

    R82 Mustang Storage Bag

    Regular Price: $195.00

    Special Price: $175.50

    The storage bag is available for size 3 & 4. Learn More
  9. R82 Mustang Headrests

    R82 Mustang Headrests

    The Mustang can accept various headrests. 5 different styles of headrest are available and 3 sizes of the anatomic headrest are available. Learn More
  10. R82 Stingray Main on Tadpole Adaptive

    R82 Stingray

    Regular Price: $3,765.00

    Special Price: $3,388.50

    The Stingray is a well thought out wheelchair with glorious colors and a futuristic design making it the obvious choice for any child. The carbon frame with its trendsetting design encourages any family to go for a walk. The Stingray is in a league of its own. Learn More

Items 11 to 20 of 94 total

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