SideStix Ventures was incorporated in 2009 and operates on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. SideStix Ventures promotes healthy, active, adventurous exploration of the world around us, by providing joint protection and crutch tips to suit all conditions, from neighbourhood streets to snow covered mountains.

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  1. SideStix | Side Adjustable Cuffs | Tadpole Adaptive

    SideStix Adjustable Cuffs (pair)

    SideStix offers three types of cuffs. Front, Side, and 3/4. Learn More
  2. SideStix | Hiking Tips | Tadpole Adaptive

    SideStix Hiking Tips (pair)

    The hiking tips with carbide cleats are replaceable tips designed to screw into Rotating Feet assemblies. Learn More
  3. SideStix | Biokork Grips | Tadpole Adaptive

    SideStix Biokork Grips

    These grips provide ultimate ergonomics and comfort for the hand. The grip material is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. Learn More
  4. SideStix | Carbon Fibre Lower Tubes (Pair) | Tadpole Adaptive

    SideStix Carbon Fibre Lower Tubes (Pair)

    Love your SideStix even more. Upgrading to carbon fibre tubes reduces weight letting you go farther. Learn More
  5. SideStix | Snow Shoes (Pair) | Tadpole Adaptive

    SideStix Snow Shoe Assembly (pair)

    Between your backyard and chair lift laps, the Snow Shoes provide flotation to keep you above the snow. Learn More
  6. SideStix | SandShoes (Pair) | Tadpole Adaptive

    SideStix Sand Shoe Assembly (pair)

    The Sand Shoes are perfect for sunny tropical beaches or the West Coast Trail. These feet will help you stay away from a mouthful of sand! Learn More
  7. SideStix | Snow/Sandshoe Spindle (Pair) | Tadpole Adaptive

    SideStix Snow/Sandshoe Spindles (pair)

    The spindle offers exceptional traction for hikes and winter conditions. When things get icy, the centre spindle and spike will keep you upright. Learn More
  8. SideStix | Fetterman Tornado Tips (Pair) | Tadpole Adaptive

    SideStix Fetterman Tornado Tips (Pair)

    The best rubber tip we have found the Tornado grips on all surfaces while providing natural shock-absorbing and articulating movement. Learn More
  9. SideStix | Rubber Tip Adaptor (Pair) | Tadpole Adaptive

    SideStix Rubber Tip Adaptors (Pair)

    Want YOUR Stix with YOUR tips? The tip adaptor accepts all standard crutch tips. Learn More
  10. Sidestix | Standard Tip Sole Replacement (Pair) | Tadpole Adaptive

    SideStix Standard Tip Sole Replacement (Pair)

    Replacement for the articulating/rotating foot sole puck. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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