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Commercial car seats can be a challenge when your child needs extra support to sit safely. Car seats are always the safest option for travel, offering many adaptive models that just might be the solution. Some older children need just a little more than what a standard seatbelt offers. A harness system may help your child stay safe! As children with lots of positioning needs get older and heavier, many parents find themselves considering transporting their child in a customized seating system.

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The following questions might help you better identify what you need the Adaptive Carseat to do for you and your child and find the equipment that best matches your needs!


•   Does your child have a medical condition that is hard to accommodate in a typical car seat such as a small infant with a respiratory condition or a young child with a spica cast?

•   Are you concerned about how to lift your child into an adaptive car seat with all of the supports needed?

•   Does your child need support for his head or have a hard time being in an upright position?

•   Do you need your child to be comfortable in an adaptive car seat for long periods or more for quick trips?

•   Does your child tend to fall to either side and need extra support to stay centered?

•   Is your child’s spine unique and do they have difficulty being comfortable in very symmetrical pieces of equipment?

•   What is your child’s current height and weight?


(Please remember that all the support in your child’s system is not designed for car safety and a tie down system with a vehicle frame secured occupant restraint system will be required.)


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  1. Special Tomato MPS Car Seat User | Tadpole Adaptive

    Special Tomato MPS Car Seat

    Regular Price: $1,708.26

    Special Price: $1,169.95

    Take the positioning that works so well in the home with you in the Car! The Special Tomato Multi-Positioning Seat (MPS) is a special needs car seat that provides proper seating support for your child that has been crash tested and is safe for use in the car.The Special Tomato Car Seat is a soft, lightweight and durable seating surface with cushions that allow for customized support. Learn More
  2. Special Tomato MPS Stroller Combo

    Special Tomato MPS Stroller / Car Seat Combo

    Regular Price: $5,743.00

    Special Price: $3,132.00

    Special Tomato has teamed up with Convaid to develop the umbrella style stroller that offers perfect positioning for your child. This Push Chair from Special Tomato combines the MPS Seat with Footrest and the Convaid Transportable Push Chair Base. One push chair base accommodates both the Small and Large size MPS Seat, allowing your child to grow into the system. The MPS Push Chair is designed for use with standard tie-down systems for bus or van transport. Learn More
  3. Inspired by Drive | Integrated Positioning System (IPS) Car Seat User | Tadpole Adaptive

    Integrated Positioning System™ (IPS) Car Seat (2000 Series) by Inspired By Drive

    Regular Price: $1,315.00

    Special Price: $831.00

    The first choice of parents and therapists for the safe transport of individuals with disabilities. The shell sides, along with positioning pads, provide "integrated" lateral support. The Therapedic Model 2000 accommodates individuals weighing between 20 - 102 pounds and up to 60 inches in height. Learn More
  4. Merritt Manufacturing | Churchill Booster User 6 | Tadpole Adaptive

    Merritt Manufacturing Churchill Booster

    Regular Price: $1,095.00

    Special Price: $876.00

    The Churchill Backless Booster from Merritt Manufacturing is a belt positioning booster that incorporates a seat base and torso vest, and headrest that provides positioning support. Learn More
  5. Roosevelt  Car Seat Shown in Iced Crimson

    Merritt Manufacturing Roosevelt Car Seat

    Regular Price: $1,095.00

    Special Price: $895.00

    The Roosevelt Car Seat can accommodate users 5" taller than the competition! Your child can be up to 5'2" tall and still use this seat. Learn More
  6. R82 | Pilot Special Needs Booster 1 | Tadpole Adaptive

    Pilot Special Needs Booster by R82

    Regular Price: $605.00

    Special Price: $544.50

    The R82 Pilot is a special needs high-back booster seat designed to fit a growing child up to 120 lbs. Learn More
  7. Thomashilfen Harmony Defender Reha Special Needs Carseat

    Thomashilfen Harmony Defender Reha Special Needs Carseat

    Regular Price: $895.00

    Special Price: $716.00

    The Thomashilfen Defender Special Needs 2-in-1 positioning CarSeat allows children with special needs 360° of impact protection. The head, trunk and thighs supports, combined with our unique accessories, offers many positioning options. Learn More
  8. R82 Wallaroo Shown with User | Tadpoleadaptive

    R82 Wallaroo Child Restraint

    Regular Price: $995.00

    Special Price: $895.50

    Safe, stylish and comfortable front facing restraint for children.

    Learn More
  9. Merritt Manufacturing | Chamberlain Positioning System | Tadpole Adaptive

    Merritt Manufacturing Chamberlain Positioning System

    Regular Price: $795.00

    Special Price: $715.00

    The Chamberlain by Merritt Manufacturing is a vehicle seat belt positioning device designed for children and adults from 81-225 pounds. This system keeps the occupant in position while using the vehicle seat belt. Learn More
  10. Inspired by Drive

    Inspired by Drive Spirit 2400 APS Car Seat

    Inspired by Drive has redefined the adaptive car seat industry with the launch of its new Spirit 2400 Adjustable Positioning System (APS) Car Seat that features optional swing-away trunk and hip supports normally found only in complex wheelchair seating systems. The Spirit APS is designed for users between 25-130lbs., and up to 66 inches in height. Learn More

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