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Jenx Dreama - Postural Support Sleeping System

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Jenx Dreama - Postural Support Sleeping System

One of the most exciting special needs products ever developed, the Jenx Dreama is a full pressure relieving, segmented mattress that is joined with a sturdy and flexible aluminum base.


Unique padded positioning components attach to the aluminum base and slide between the segments to create custom supports. The flexible base can be used on beds with elevating heads and feet as well as a home style bed! Twin Bed sizes that can be used on any bed that is at least 36" wide. The flexible base allows it to be contoured to support partial sitting or raising of feet. The individual cushions are pressure-relieving and covered with welded PU material to prevent liquid being absorbed into the foam. The fabric is two-way stretch, which enhances the pressure-relieving quality of the foam, and is also water resistant and antibacterial.

Before you read any further, watch the video by clicking on the tab above. Also, check our the "Materials" tab for a full set of downloadable PDF brochures. Twin Bed Weight Capacity 243 lbs.

Features and Benefits

  • Unique fully-fashioned pressure-relieving mattress with exceptional postural support facility.
  • Most advanced resting postural support (sleep system) available. Wide range of supports to enhance user experience and benefit.
  • Flexible aluminum base copes with fluids and also contours easily on profiling bed base or by using rolls or similar to create the contours.
  • Glide-lock™ supports require no fixings so there's no noise or disturbance when adjusting support.
  • No overlays to fiddle with. The mattress unit is undisturbed by using supports. Positioning can be changed without user having to be taken out of bed.
  • Allows good ventilation between the body and mattress, which reduces heat triggered spasms.
  • Easy to keep clean and keep hygienic.
  • Hundreds of individual specifications can be accommodated.


The Jenx Dreama is available in the US in the Neutral Color  (Blue not available). 

Jenx Dreama Special Needs Sleep System on Tadpole Adaptive  
  • Soft and comfortable, pressure relieving mattress system that fits in a crib or on your child's bed.
  • Multiple Support Options for customization.
  • Flexible Aluminum Base allows for rock solid positioning of components.
  • Easy to use!
Jenx Dreama Mattress on Tadpole Adaptive    Jenx Dreama Supports on Tadpole Adaptive 
Jenx Dreama 2 on Tadpole Adaptive   1)  Pressure Relieving Mattress
Jenx Dreama 4 on Tadpole Adaptive  

4) Inserting Supports

 Unique segmented pressure relieving mattress provides excellent support and is extremely comfortable.  No extra padding needed.
 Supports are inserted along channels in the base of the Dreama.  They are pushed into place and stay all night.
  Jenx Dreama Support Options on Tadpole Adaptive  2) Customizable Support
  Jenx Dreama 5 on Tadpole Adaptive  5) Flexible Base Frame
 With a wide array of support options, you can create exactly the right support pattern for any child.
The flexible frame comes in two sizes and can be used on standard beds, hospital beds, with wedges and more. 
  Jenx Dreama Covers on Tadpole Adaptive
 3) Cozy, Washable Covers
  Jenx Dreama Assembly on Tadpole Adaptive  6) Simple Assembly
 The covers are a snap to remove and wash.  Fluffy and cozy terrycloth, they can be washed individually or together.
Easy to assemble, the Dreama can be set up in a few minutes with ease.








The Jenx Dreama features 7 main categories of positioning devices:

  • Positioning Pads - available in 4 sizes, the pads look like book ends.  They are either fixed or swivel head.  Most Dreama users choose multiple positioning pad for custom support.
  • T-Roll - is used as a knee support.  It pads and separates the knees and provides straps.  Under the knee is height adjustable. Angle Adjustable Footplate - in the constant battle for foot positioning, the angle adj. footplate is padded and can be set at the desired angle.
  • Abduction Block - separates the legs and prevents scissoring.  Available in 3 sizes.
  • Leg Supports - sometimes the T-Roll just doesn't work and individual leg supports are needed. Side Lying Board- protecting and positioning the legs in side lying is easier using this board.  Helps prevent leg contractures that develop from fetal position sleeping with pillows between the knees.
  • Positioning Hoops - Flexible hoops to keep kiddos generally in place while providing a little wiggle room.


Jenx Dreama is available in 3 pre-configured kits. Please Contact Us if you would like to purchase a kit.


Side Lying Kit Supine Kit 1 Supine Kit 2
sidelying spuine1 supine2



Standard Configuration


Jenx Dreama Mattress

  • Twin size Mattress system
  • Flexible Metal Base
  • 15 single sections
  • 2 double sections
  • 17 piece washable natural color terrycloth cover set
  • Corner anchor straps


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