Jenx | Multistander Prone position | Tadpole AdaptiveJenx | Multistander Prone position | Tadpole Adaptive
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Jenx Multistander Size 1 and 2,

Sku: JX-MS-apo

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Jenx Multistander Size 1 and 2,


The Jenx Multistander, comprehensive standing system offering supine, prone, and upright positioning for children between six months and six years old.

The good looks and sound functions of the Jenx Multi-Stander make standing practical and enjoyable for children. The flexible design offers a wide array of configurations for prone, upright or supine standing. Suitable for children from 9 months to 6 years with a maximum height of 46" and a maximum user weight of 66 lbs. 

The Multistander is the result of extensive research involving therapists, parents, children and purchasers. It provides excellent prone, upright and supine standing support, accommodating the child's developing needs as they grow and change over the years.

Easy to use, clean and maintain, the Multistander's clever design makes it enjoyable and practical for children over a wide range of ages and conditions.

The Jenx Multi-Stander has headrest options for use in supine position. Support straps offer excellent support for the child and easy use for the caregiver. Continuous gas spring-assisted angle adjustment is lockable. The child may be positioned anywhere between upright and horizontal.

This multifunctional stander accommodates children smaller than the minimum height by using sandal-raising blocks. High-rise thoracic pad option provides extra support. The removable tray can be adjusted for height, angle and depth. Gas spring-assisted board height adjustment. PU positioning pads and boards allow easy cleaning. 

Jenx Multi-Stander Includes:

White tubular base unit with 4 locking casters, thoracic and hip notched mounting base boards and angle adjustable footplate.

Jenx Multistander Prone and Supine on Tadpole Adaptive
The Jenx Multistander can be configured in the Supine Position (supports touching child's back) or Prone (supports touching child's stomach)
supine position
 prone position


     Shown above in the most popular configuration (we also recommend the tray). The Jenx Multistander with sandals, knee cups (Small), Hip Support Pads (Small), Thin Thoracic Pads w/ Integral Strap and the Multigrip Headrest.


That Pig stole my money!  Shown in Prone above, the Multistanderstander with Tray, Elbow Blocks, Hip Support Pads, Knee Cups and Sandals.  Not seen: thoracic option. 


  supine loading

Supine Loading

Loading your child safely into the Multistander in the Supine posiiton is a breeze.  The wide pads give you a large target area and the completely horizontal position and tall transfer height are a real back saver.



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