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Leckey Mygo Seating System - with Hi-Low Activity Base (other Bases available)

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Consider before you configure:

Leckey Mygo Seating System - with Hi-Low Activity Base (other Bases available)

The Leckey Mygo is an amazingly advanced special needs seating system available in two sizes fitting children between the ages of 3-14 years old. The Mygo is the middle system in the Leckey line that includes the Squiggles (early intervention), Mygo (children and early teens), and the KIT (teens to adults).  The name Mygo refers to the seating system and positioning components.  A variety of bases both indoor and outdoor are available where one Mygo seating system can be mounted and transfered to multiple bases. 25 years of European experience and craftsmanship result in an adaptable system to support the posture of children with complex special needs including: Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, SMA, Spina Bifida, Arthrogryphosis, and other neurological conditions.

Standard Features and Equipment:

  • Choice of Two Sizes.
  • Windsweeping range: 30 degrees abduction
  • Removable machine washable covers (choice of 4 colors)
  • Reinforced backrest and seat base
  • Size 1: 3-10 years old, up to 110 lbs, up to 50" tall
  • Size 2: 8-14 years old, up to 132 lbs, up to 66" tall

Configurable Options:

Each Mygo Seating System can be configured in hundreds of ways! Multiple base options, positioning components, and more. Use the "Consider Before You Configure" scroll bar above to review the components and accessories.The click the "Configure and Buy" button to build your own. Try it and save your selections. Don't forget about our Registry feature to help with fundraising!

Posture, Function & Comfort

The adjustability of the Mygo allows parents, therapists, and teachers to optimize a child's posture and positioning.  With stable posture, good skin protection, and general comfort addressed, children can spend less effort on fighting gravity, and more time on activities. 

Pelvic Stability

The most important feature of any seating or mobility system is its ability to align or accommodate a range of pelvic positions.  This gives the best possible base of support for trunk and head alignment and maximizes arm and hand function.


Leckey Mygo Pelvic Harness

  Leckey Mygo Pelvic Cradle   Leckey Mygo 4point attachment
Mygo with 4-point pelvic harness   Mygo with Pelvic Cradle. The child sits "on and in" the Pelvic Cradle.  It secures and encloses the pelvis with a buckle and velcro.  It is then secured to the base.   4-point attachments on both the pelvic harness and Pelvic Cradle ensure that they stay in the correct anatomical position for optimum support.


Sacral Support for Pelvic Stability

The flexible sacral support in the Mygo Seating System works with the hip guides and adjustable seat angle to provide the optimum achievable posture for the pelvis.

Leckey Mygo Flexible Sacral Support   Leckey Mygo Midline Hip Guides
  Leckey Mygo Adjustable Back Angle
Flexible sacral support assists in the correction or accommodation of pelvic tilt.
  HIp guides provide midline positioning and lateral support, and can be off-set to accommodate asymmetries.
  Back angle adjusts from the anatomically correct position ensuring lateral supports stay in the appropriate place when the seat back is reclined.



Trunk and Head Alignment

Trunk and head support contributes to the stability of the pelvis and facilitates arm and hand function, concentration and social interaction.

Flexible Scoliosis
  Mygo Chest Harness
  Mygo Headrest
Flexible scoliosis can be managed by using the lateral supports in conjunction with the pelvic harness to provide 3-point positioning.
  The Mygo can be fitted with a chest pad or harness depending on the level of additional trunk support needed.
  When additional head support is needed, the system is compatible with Leckey, Whitmeyer, and OttoBock head supports.




Leg and Foot Positioning

Tight hamstrings and unsupported feet can contribute to instability of the pelvis, and therefore the alignment of the trunk and head.

Windswept Legs
The leg guides can accommodate up to 30° windsweeping as well as ab and adduction.   The leg guides can be adjusted for leg length differences including those caused by a fixed pelvic rotation.   The foot supports can be positioned behind the knees taking the strain off tight hamstrings and promoting pelvic stability.



Although the Mygo Seating System is designed to maximize abilities by providing stable positioning, a number of additional features further improve function.

Mygo Function
  Mygo AugCom
  Mygo Tray
The chest harness with removable shoulder straps allows increased arm and hand function for table top activities, along with a tray for support at the front.   For those who use augmentative devices, communication systems can be easily attached to the Mygo Seating System’s seat base.   Mygo size 2 has an additional shoulder section which encourages the shoulders into a forward position for more effective arm and hand movement.

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