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Leckey Waistcoat

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Leckey Waistcoat

Children and teens often require the additional support of a harness to maintain a safe seated position. The Leckey Waistcoat fits onto almost any seating system (or seat for that matter) and supports the trunk, shoulders and pelvis effectively. The optional groin strap maintains positioning within the waistcoat itself.  Detachable bib allows for easy cleaning.  Velcro fastenings allow waistcoat to be adjusted easily or removed quickly.

The Waistcoat is a three part system:


Part 1) The Main Body (tinted blue in photos): The Back and "Torso Wrap" attach to what ever seat the child is using with two vertical and two horizontal straps. The back wraps around the child's torso and attaches to itself with velcro. Two shoulder straps rise off the back and drape over the shoulders.


Part 2) The "Bib" (tinted green in photos) velcros over the chest piece, shoulder straps, and optional groin strap.  This provides a secure fit and comfortable surface. 


Part 3) The Groin Strap (tinted maroon in photos).  The groin strap is more of a saddle with a thin strap up through the groin.  The groin strap attaches to the inside back of the torso wrap/back portion of the waistcoat.  A strap is brought up through the legs and secured to the front of the torso wrap.  The Bib goes over both the torso wrap and the front portion of the groin strap.

Open Waistcoat

Main Body and Groin Strap

Closed Main Body and Groin Strap

Bib secured to front

It is available in 4 sizes to fit a wide range of children. Please see the "Specs" tab for specific measurements.

Size 1: Age 0-3 years

Size 2: Age 1-9 years

Size 3: Age 7-16 years

Size 4: Age 16 - adult


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