Measurement Form

measurement form

Need some help with the size? We can help!

Please click the image to the left to download the Tadpole Adaptive Measurement Form. This is a PDF document that can be printed and completed by hand as you are taking measurements. You can then return to the computer and electronically complete the form and submit it.  Your computer will ask you to open your choice of email program and automatically attach the completed form to the email.  One of Tadpole Adaptive's Therapists will review the form and contact you by email.  


Here are a few things to consider when taking measurements:


  • Snap a few pictures with your phone and mail them to  Please include your name so we can match the pictures to the form.


  • Please submit all measurements using Inches and Pounds.  Why? because our Therapists are lazy and not so good at math......Seriously.

  • While not all measurements are needed for each piece of equipment, the more information provided, the better the recommendation.

  • The recommendations given by our Therapists do not represent any treatment or diagnosis of your child.  Please discuss any final decision with your child's own physician and healthcare team. 

If you still have questions after submitting the form, simply set up a phone appointment with one of our Therapists





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