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Resources &, the makers of many of the outstanding products we sell, have excellent resource pages.  In particular, their pages walks you through the IEP process and provide research articles on topics such as the benefits of standing.

EasyStand Funding Page
Rifton Advocacy & Funding Page

Laureate Learning Systems

Laureate is dedicated to developing software for children and adults with special needs.  Laureate software is appropriate for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, language-learning disorders, as well as intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Tadpole Adaptive's Registry!


Great Resources from the University of Pittsburgh’s Human Engineering Research Lab for cutting edge work in assistive technology.  Links to the actual “Position Papers” regarding various types of assistive technology and a very in depth sample Letter of Medical Necessity Template.

HERL References to Support Wheelchair Prescription 
Human Engineering Research Lab

Are you frustrated that many insurance policies have limited coverage for Durable Medical Equipment.   Well call your congressman!  It’s just that simple.  There are offices full of Legislative Aides who’s job it is to listen to your concerns.  Pick up the phone and call them.  Ask to speak to the Legislative Assistant who covers health care issues.  Then tell them your story.  Use the links below.  

Every few years, Craig Rowitz, MPT, ATP Co-Founder of Tadpole Adaptive travels to Washington DC to meet with his representatives about these issues.  You can too!


Find Your U.S. Senator
Find Your U.S. Representative 



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