Rifton TRAM Transfer & Mobility Device, Front ViewRifton TRAM Transfer & Mobility Device, Front View
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Rifton TRAM (Transfer & Mobility)

Sku: RI-K310-K320

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Rifton TRAM (Transfer & Mobility)

The Rifton TRAM (transfer and mobility) device is a versatile, multifunctional tool designed to boost neuroplasticity by training gait, sit-to-stand transfers, and seated transfers, all in one easy to use machine. We love the Rifton TRAM for its creative design with an on-the-go family in mind. This functional trainer makes one person transfers possible and efficient from almost any location, giving caregivers peace of mind while assisting loved ones.

Rifton TRAM makes safe ambulation and mobility possible. Easily transfer, train sit-to-stand transfers, or practice gait technique without fear of injury to child or caregiver. Uniquely crafted, the Rifton TRAM’s intuitive design uses a harness and grasp technology to allow for extra security with ease of use. 

TRAM Benefits:

  • Single person assistance has never been easier. Security promotes use, use stimulates practice, and practice builds neuropathways vital to continued growth and learning. 
  • Safely perform one person transfers at a variety of angles - bed, toilet, bathtub, chair, car
  • Encourage proper gait training in a fun and interactive way
  • Revitalize rehabilitation efforts due to ease of use and repetition
  • Adjustable straps allow for handling diverse shapes and abilities up to 350 pounds 
  • Lightweight design allows for easy transport
  • Models available with built-in weighing scale
  • Three-in-one capacity saves time and money
  • Less cumbersome than Hoyer and other lifts

Another reason we love the Rifton TRAM is its customizable features that allow for an experience that caters to your specific needs.

There are two base frame models:

K310 Standard Model: Ideal for everyday use and gait training

K320 Low Base Model: Ideal for use under low bed frames

Included in purchase of either model are the frame, a pair of either narrow or wide thigh straps, battery, battery charger, accessories tote, and charger power cord. 

Optional TRAM accessories for either model include:

  • Forearm supports 
  • Arm platforms
  • Walking saddle
  • Additional battery
  • Back up wide or narrow thigh straps
  • Swivel locks
  • Removable back belt

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