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Schools, Government, Waiver, and Other Agency Purchases
Tadpole Adaptive is happy to accept a Purchase Order (PO) from established entities with net 30 day billing. Please down load and review Tadpole Adaptive’s Order Form. Your Agency’s PO should include the following information:

  • Ordering Agent Contact Name
  • Ordering Agent Contact Phone Number
  • Ordering Agent Contact email
  • Authorizing Agent Name and Signature
  • Entity Billing Address
  • PO number
  • Shipping Address
  • Shipping Contact Name and Phone Number (Therapist, Teacher, etc)
  • Tadpole Adaptive Item Number, Size, Color, Description, Quantity
  • Item Price
  • Total Authorized Amount
  • Tadpole Adaptive Quote Number (if one was provided)

Tadpole Adaptive, LLC
3940 7th Ave #103
San Diego, CA 92103

Email: sales (at)
Fax: 619-881-0044

Shipping to California: if your organization is tax exempt in the state of California, please provide a copy of your tax exempt documentation with your order.

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