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R82 Rabbit Stander

Sku: SS-Rabbit-APO

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Consider before you configure:

R82 Rabbit Stander

The R82 Rabbit is a well built and versatile special needs dynamic stander that provides support in the prone or vertical position.

Dynamic because it has a set of two large wheels that allow your child to move around the room. The Rabbit is similar to the R82 Toucan in that it provides support to the front of the child's body.  The angle of the standing tower can be leaned from fully upright to 30 degrees forward.  The Rabbit is available in 4 sizes to fit standers from age 1 through about age 18 with a maximum weight capacity of 154 lbs.  The base price of the Rabbit includes the large driving wheel, center tower with brakes, and four swivel casters.  To configure the Rabbit for use,  at a minimum, it is suggested that you select a footplate style, knee pad style, and one form of abdominal support (pad at a minimum). The frame color is determined by the size selected: Size 1 = Red   Size 2 + 3 = Blue  Size 4 = Silver.

Angle Adjustable Center Bar

The Rabbit has an easy to use crank (with safety) to adjust the angle of the center column to allow your child to stand in the optimal position
R82 Rabbit Angle Adjustment |  Tadpole Adaptive
R82 Rabbit Central Brake | Tadpole Adaptive

Central Lock

Your child can lock the wheels independently with the central lock located on the tower.  They can roll up to an activity and lock in place for stability.

Quick Release Wheels

The two driving wheels can be removed without tools using quick release hardware.  Just press a button and pull.  Good for transportation, storage, and getting really close to an activity at a counter or table.

R82 Rabbit Quick Release Wheels | Tadpole Adaptive
R82 Rabbit Accessories | Tadpole Adaptive

Prepared for Accessories

All sizes of the Rabbit can be equipped with numerous accessories.  Each easily mounted and adjusted on the channels on either side of the central tower.


How to choose a size?

Each Rabbit frame size offers a different options for wheel diameter.  Frame size and wheel size can be a bit tricky to determine.  You will need a few measurements of your child to determine the frame size.  First, open and print Tadpole Adaptive's Measurement Form.  You will need to measurements A, D and F.  

FRAME SIZE:  Your childs overall height (Measurement "F") will  help you select the frame size. The footplate on the stander can be raised a few inches allowing you to possibly fit your child in the next size larger frame.

WHEEL SIZE: A rough guide to wheel size is measurement "A" (Floor to mid-buttocks) minus 4 inches.  This is because the child stands on the footplate about 2" off the ground and grabs the wheel about 2" below the top arch of the wheel.  Kids who are just fitting into the frame size should use smaller wheels,  kids who are near the top end of the frame size should use larger wheels. Next, determine if your child will be standing generally upright or significantly leaning foward in the stander.  For forward leaning positions, you should consider smaller wheels.

ACCESSORIES: Measurement "D" should help you determine the height range of the chest support if needed (review the "Specs" tab below for the height ranges of the chest support).  Most accessories are height adjustable on the center tower.  There is an optional 3" tower extension that will raise the chest support. 

Yes, this is a little tricky, you can always call us and arrange a time to speak with a Physical Therapist to assist you with sizing this equipment 877-698-2376.

            Size 1 
Size 2
 Size 3
 Size 4
Frame Color
Red Blue Blue Silver
Child's Height Range
25" - 35" 30" - 40" 37" - 52" 48" - 65"
Wheel Sizes  22", 24", 26"
 26", 29", 32"
 26", 29", 32"
32", 36"
Weight Capacity  88 lbs
 110 lbs
 132 lbs
 154 lbs

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