Prone Standers

Prone Standers

Prone Standers

A prone stander can vary in its starting position from flat to inclined. In this style of stander, the child is positioned on their belly facing the support surface. Similarly to the supine stander, the caregiver can change the angle of the stander to move the child to a variety of degrees of upright for standing. Some standers are combination standers and offer the prone function as one of multiple ways to use the equipment.

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-Splash Facts! 
•  A caregiver is required for transfers
•  Positioning any necessary supports
•  Moving the stander in to a standing position 
•  A child needs to be able to control their own head position while standing
•  Can benefit from stander accessories to support his trunk, hips and legs



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  1. Tumbleforms TriStander - 3 in 1 Stander

    Tumbleforms TriStander - 3 in 1 Stander

    Regular Price: $3,423.60

    Special Price: $2,739.00

    Offering Vertical, Supine & Prone Standing in one product! The TriStander positioner does the job of three standers. Its unique design allows prone, supine or vertical standing so a single stander can provide a variety of positioning needs. A foot-operated pneumatic tilt mechanism makes it easy to adjust the stander from 15º to 90º. The wide range of adjustability in the Tri-Stander allows it to grow with the child. The TriStander is available in two sizes. The TriStander 45 accomodates children 32" to 45" tall and up to 70 lbs. The TriStander 58 accommodates children 43" to 58" in height and up to 58" in weight. Learn More
  2. Superstand Multi-Position Standing System

    Superstand Multi-Position Standing System

    Starting at: $2,245.00

    Superstand and Superstand Youth (larger size) provide Prone, Supine, and Vertical Standing. Tool-free adjustments, comfortable and fully adjustable. Near flat loading and positioning. Easy growth and quick position changes. Learn More
  3. Jenx | Multistander Prone position | Tadpole Adaptive

    Jenx Multistander Size 1 and 2,

    Regular Price: $2,809.00

    Special Price: $2,458.00

    The good looks and sound functions of Multi-Stander make standing practical and enjoyable for children. The flexible design offers a wide array of configurations for prone, upright or supine standing. Suitable for children from 9 months to 6 years with a maximum height of 46" and a maximum user weight of 66 lbs. Multi-Stander has headrest options for use in supine position. Support straps offer excellent support for the child and easy use for the caregiver. Continuous gas spring-assisted angle adjustment is lockable. The child may be positioned anywhere between upright and horizontal. This multifunctional stander accommodates children smaller than the minimum height by using sandal-raising blocks. High-rise thoracic pad option provides extra support. The removable tray can be adjusted for height, angle and depth. Gas spring-assisted board height adjustment. PU positioning pads and boards allow easy cleaning. Learn More
  4. EasyStand | Zing MPS Upright Position | Tadpole Adaptive

    EasyStand Zing Multi-Position Stander (MPS)

    Regular Price: $2,512.00

    Special Price: $2,060.00

    The EasyStand Zing Multi-Position Stander (MPS) allows a child to seamlessly go from a full supine to prone position without having to change, turn or flip pads and foot plates or transfer a child in and out of the stander. In one fluid motion, the child can be positioned between Supine, Upright and Prone positions. It's that easy! Fits Kiddos up to 44" tall and up to 70 pounds. Learn More
  5. R82 | Toucan | Tadpole Adaptive

    R82 Toucan Stander

    Regular Price: $1,275.00

    Special Price: $1,147.50

    The Toucan standing frame comes with soft curves and smart colors. It is designed to support the user in the upright and prone position. The distance between the side bars of the frame allows almost any wheelchair or static seating system to go in between. Learn More
  6. R82 | Gazelle Stander Size View | Tadpole Adaptive

    R82 Gazelle PS Stander

    Regular Price: $3,415.00

    Special Price: $3,073.50

    Gazelle PS stands for Prone and Supine. It means that Gazelle PS can be used by both front- and back lying children. The product provides support to the knees and feet and strengthens the hips. The Gazelle ensures that the child can stand and affords the user greater potential for play and creative development. Learn More
  7. Leckey | Pronestander | Tadpole Adaptive

    Leckey Pronestander

    Available in 3 sizes, covering a large growth range from 1-18 years of age, the Leckey Pronestander comes as standard with individually adjustable chest, hip, knee and sandal supports ensuring the product meets a large range of clinical needs. The unique positioning achieved by the pelvic belt enables de-rotation of the hips; alignment of the pelvis and centre of gravity over their base of support; accommodation or correction of flexion at the hips and knees. Learn More
  8. Jenx | Monkey Stander | Tadpole Adaptive

    Jenx Monkey

    Regular Price: $2,618.00

    Special Price: $2,290.75

    Jenx Monkey has a wide range of adjustments. These include height, sandal position, abduction block position and width between side pads; giving you more positions and even more possibilities. Learn More
  9. Rifton | Large Prone Stander | Tadpole Adaptive

    Rifton Large Prone Stander (E950)

    Rifton Large Prone Stander is an easily adjustable special needs stander for children who require mild to maximum support to maintain upright positioning. Learn More
  10. Rifton | Medium Prone Stander | Tadpole Adaptive

    Rifton Medium Prone Stander (E940)

    Rifton Medium Prone Stander is an easily adjustable special needs stander for children who require mild to maximum support to maintain upright positioning. Learn More

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