Strollers & Pushchairs

Strollers & Pushchairs

Strollers are a great way to quickly move your child where you need to go. They differ from wheelchairs in how they collapse, the type of supports available, and how they adjust for growth. 

Strollers were made to fill the gap for all the times when you need a simple way to get around or when time is a factor. Two basic considerations are whether the child uses another wheeled device or if they walk and need the stroller for fatigue reasons. The one thing that all strollers and push chairs have in common is the child cannot push themselves while using it. 

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On the Go Folding Special Needs Strollers

"On the Go" Folding Strollers


Positioning Special Needs Strollers

Positioning Strollers



Jogging Style Special Needs Strollers

Jogging Style Strollers







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  1. Adaptive Star Axiom Endeavor with swivel wheel axis on

    Adaptive Star Axiom Endeavor Indoor/Outdoor Mobility Push Chair

    Regular Price: $1,759.99

    Special Price: $1,429.99

    The Axiom Endeavor is available in 4 Sizes and 2 colors, and a weight capacity of up to 250 LBS for the largest size stroller.  Sun canopy, storage basket, adjustable 5-Point harness all come standard.  This stroller is perfect for short and long runs,and famly outings.  The single action fold makes it easy to store and bring along your next adventure.  

    Learn More
  2. Adaptive Star Axiom | Improv Push Chair on Tadpole Adaptive

    Adaptive Star Axiom Improv Indoor/Outdoor Mobility Push Chair

    Regular Price: $1,319.99

    Special Price: $989.99

    The Axiom Improv Indoor/Outdoor Mobility Push Chair is an all-terrain push chair that easily glides through grass, gravel, over curbs, and sand. It comes with the traditional fixed front wheel for the adventurous one, and a optional front swivel kit for superb maneuverability in indoor settings. The fully adjustable sun canopy shields from any angle and the sophisticated harness system aids with positioning Learn More
  3. Adaptive Star Axiom Lassen Indoor/Outdoor Mobility Push Chair

    Adaptive Star Axiom Lassen Indoor/Outdoor Mobility Push Chair

    Regular Price: $1,539.99

    Special Price: $1,264.99

    The Axiom LASSEN is available in 3 sizes, 2 colors, has a weight capacity up to 250 pounds and is convenient & easy to use. 

    Learn More
  4. Advance Mobility | Freedom Push Chair | Tadpole Adaptive

    Advance Mobility Freedom Push Chair

    With the Freedom Push Chair, larger children and small adults with physical disabilities can now enjoy excursions to the beach, park or hiking trails with their families. The fixed front wheel of the Freedom easily traverses all types of terrain at running or walking speeds. Learn More
  5. Pixi Main

    Alvema Pixi Stroller

    Starting at: $1,802.00

    Alvema Pixi Positioning Stroller. Updated Design, easy to use, superb quality, packed with standard features. Learn More
  6. Convaid | Convertible: Standard & Transit Model | Tadpole Adaptive

    Convaid Convertible: Standard & Transit Model

    Regular Price: $1,576.00

    Special Price: $1,418.00

    Lightweight, compact and durable, the Convaid Convertible Wheelchair is like having two conventional wheelchairs in one! This upright wheelchair comes with 8” rear wheels, plus removable larger rear wheels that can be snapped on or off quickly and easily. Designed for active lifestyles and built to last, Convaid wheelchairs are lightweight, portable, and convenient for use at school, day programs, doctor visits, and recreation with family and friends. Learn More
  7. Convaid | Cruiser shown with accessories | Tadpole Adaptive

    Convaid Cruiser - Standard and Cordura Upholstery

    Regular Price: $1,885.00

    Special Price: $1,695.00

    Convaid’s Cruiser family of lightweight, folding wheelchairs for children and teenagers let you go anywhere, while still ensuring proper positioning and support for special needs. The Convaid Cruiser Wheelchair leads the world in compact-folding positioning systems. Its lightweight portability and solid durability make it the most convenient compact wheelchair for busy parents and children. The Cruiser has a 30º fixed tilt – perfect for someone who needs increased upper body positioning. An array of positioning options helps you achieve the ideal support for your child, and the patented design provides maximum comfort and durability. Transit models have been crash tested and are compliant with the WC19 standard for safe use as a seat in a school bus or accessible van. Whether it’s for transporting your child to and from school, used in the classroom, in the home, or around town, the Convaid Cruiser Wheelchair provides comfort, support and convenience. Learn More
  8. Convaid | EZ Rider Stroller | Tadpole Adaptive

    Convaid EZ Rider Stroller

    Regular Price: $1,861.00

    Special Price: $1,675.00

    The Convaid EZ Rider Wheelchair is the perfect chair for active children and adults of all ages. It is lightweight, compact and folds in just seconds. Learn More
  9. Convaid | Lite Rider Image | Tadpole Adaptive

    Convaid Lite Rider

    Regular Price: $1,761.00

    Special Price: $1,584.00

    Lite Rider kids wheelchairs weigh as little as 16-pounds, making it one of the lightest children's wheelchairs to be found - perfect for outings to school, day programs, or doctor visits. This ultra lightweight pediatric wheelchair is compact folding with a growable seat depth, height adjustable flip-up armrests, and height adjustable swing away footplates. It has an upright seat with a fixed tilt of just 10-degrees for added comfort. The Lite Rider is a great back-up or secondary wheelchair for a power wheelchair or one of those heavy, non-folding wheelchairs. Learn More
  10. Convaid | Metro Transit Model | Tadpole Adaptive

    Convaid Metro Stroller: Standard & Transit Model

    Regular Price: $1,050.00

    Special Price: $945.00

    Adjustable pelvic support means the Metro Wheelchair offers more than other standard lightweight transport wheelchairs, perfect for children and teens who lack upper body strength and trunk control. The wheelchair's compact-folding for easy storage and ultra lightweight to reduce strain. The integrated contoured seat and adjustable trunk support help to achieve proper positioning. All this and a limited lifetime warranty make the Metro Transport Wheelchair an unmatched transport value. Available in two models: Basic, with built-in adjustability features, and a crash-tested Transit model, for use aboard a bus or van. Learn More

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