SideStix | Boundless Pro Forearm Crutch 2 | Tadpole Adaptive
The SideStix Boundless Pro is both our most advanced and most popular forearm crutch. Featuring our unique damper shock system which reduces fatigue and stress on your joints and our lighter weight carbon fiber lowers the Boundless Pro will let you go farther with less effort then any other crutch on earth.
Tumble Forms | Starfish Bath Chair main | Tadpole Adaptive
Designed to reach new levels of functionality and ease of adjustability. Angle adjustable chair legs with articulating back and leg support, offer a range of height/angle positions to make bath time easier and more fun.

Regular Price: $479.70

Special Price: $360.00

Jenx Multistander on Tadpole Adaptive Supine 2
The good looks and sound functions of Multi-Stander make standing practical and enjoyable for children. The flexible design offers a wide array of configurations for prone, upright or supine standing. Suitable for children from 6 months to 6 years with a maximum height of 45 1/4” and a maximum user weight of 66 lbs. Multi-Stander has headrest options for use in supine position. Support straps offer excellent support for the child and easy use for the caregiver. Continuous gas spring-assisted angle adjustment is lockable. The child may be positioned anywhere between upright and horizontal. This multifunctional stander accommodates children smaller than the minimum height by using sandal-raising blocks. High-rise thoracic pad option provides extra support. The removable tray can be adjusted for height, angle and depth. Gas spring-assisted board height adjustment. PU positioning pads and boards allow easy cleaning.

Regular Price: $3,054.00

Special Price: $2,180.00

Convaid Rodeo Special Needs Tilt-in-Space Stroller Tilted | Tadpole Adaptive
Convaid Rodeo Special Needs Tilt-in-Space Stroller. Amazing piece of equipment that provides excellent support for children who require assistance to sit. Easy to fold and stow in the trunk. A great option as a second chair for On-the-Go families with power chairs or full sized tilt-in-space frames.

Regular Price: $2,468.00

Special Price: $2,221.00

Chill-Out Chair Roller Green with Tray and Ottoman on Tadpole Adaptive
The Roll’er base provides safe and supportive alternative seating. The wood base and four 3″ castor construction allows for additional options such as a Rear Push Bar, Feeding/Communication Tray, or Positioning Blocks. Great for spinning! Relax, unwind, take some pressure off and just chill-out! Create a slice of paradise for your loved one, client or student with their very own Chill-Out Chair. At Schools, Therapy Centers and Hospitals, do your students or clients need a place to relax during therapy? They can hang out in a cool chair while being fed or communicated with. Both the foams and fabrics meet with some of the highest standards of flame resistance.
Grillo Anterior Configuration
The innovative new 2012 Ormesa Grillo has been completely redesigned and now has the widest range of height adjustment on the market! Easily adjusts and tool-free for user growth, transportation or multi-patient use - it also folds easily! Measurement bar allows for quick, easy and accurate adjustment while maintaining a constant center of gravity even with the user in place. Comes in Two Sizes, the One/Two or the Three/Four. Available in either an Anterior or Posterior Configuration.

Regular Price: $3,025.00

Special Price: $2,722.00

Snug Seat Mustang Gait Trainer
The Mustang is an anterior/posterior gait trainer that provides proper positioning and support for children while they learn the skills of stepping/walking. The Mustang is an excellent choice for children with Cerebral Palsy and other developmental delays. It offers flexibility, growth and ease of use while children are learning to walk and adapting to their changing needs. The Mustang comes in four sizes suitable for children from 1 to 18 years of age.

Regular Price: $1,895.00

Special Price: $1,705.00

Beds by George | Dream Series Safety Bed 7 | Tadpole Adaptive
Beds by George Dream Series is hand crafted, rock solid safety bed that will give you piece of mind with incredible furniture aesthetics.

Regular Price: $8,248.67

Special Price: $6,186.00

EasyStand Bantam Medium Sit to Stand Stander
The new EasyStand Bantam Medium Sit to Stand Stander features from both the Bantam and Evolv series to make it more appropriate for the larger, involved child. As children grow, transfers become more difficult, and as a result, compliance with a standing program often suffers. The Bantam Medium allows transfers to a seated or supine position, or any position in between!

Regular Price: $2,260.00

Special Price: $1,853.00

Leckey PAL on Tadpole Adaptive

Posture + Attention = Learning

Designed by the Leckey team of experienced therapists and engineers, Pal is an attractive, robust and easy to use classroom and nursery seating system for kids of 1-12 years of age, with mild to moderate postural needs. It is designed to give improved stability, which helps reduce fatigue and allows the child longer periods of concentration and fine motor activity.

Available in 4 sizes and 4 colors it will help kids up to 12 years of age to participate, learn and give their full attention in the classroom.

Regular Price: $906.00

Special Price: $680.00



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