Browse our impressive selection of bespoke, highly customizable therapeutic standers by leading experts, Easy Stand. EasyStand offers the widest array of standing equipment to suit a multitude of special needs.






Save $958.00
Save $958.00

EasyStand by Altimate Medical

Based out of Morton Minnesota, Altimate Medical has been leading the way in creating unsurpassed sit to stand technology for those with disabilities for over twenty years. EasyStand's line of standing frames and equipment has helped to improve the quality of life for kids and adults using wheelchairs worldwide. Altimate Medical's daughter brand, EasyStand, doesn’t just specialise in standers, they focus exclusively on high-end, full-featured standers for the special needs and adaptive market.

EasyStand’s range of state of the art, customisable standing solutions was designed by a C6-7 quadriplegic, passionate about having a positive impact on the quality of life of child and adult wheelchair-bound individuals, worldwide.

So you, whether you a carer or parent to a special needs individual, or using the device personally, can rest assured that this leading brand of passionate experts truly has your best interests in heart, through every aspect of conceptualization, design, manufacture and customer service.

Some of the Easy Stand products on offer at Tadpole Adaptive:

The EasyStand Zing represents a new adaptive industry standard, a multi position stander like no other on the market, with therapeutic benefits that will not only transform the potential and lifestyle of yourself and your special needs child, they will save you money in the process. What makes Altimate Medical and EasyStand products like the Zing so economical is their effortless adjustment capacity and their capacity to effectively ‘grow’ with your child through height and support adjustment capabilities and sheer design prowess.

At tadpoleadaptive.com, we offer not only the Easystand Zing but a full range of customizable standers for every type of user, designed and manufactured by this incredible brand.

The proven benefits of proper standing therapy

The therapeutic benefits of standing time for special needs persons and children has been extensively researched and documented over the years, with experienced carers and occupational therapists the world over likely to agree that the extent of the benefit of standing therapy is too far reaching to be listed here.

Let’s start with the optimisation of organ functions like bowel movement and regularity; kidney and bladder function; cardiovascular strengthening and endurance building; reduction of swelling and vastly improved circulation - all of these are tested and proven health benefits of proper standing therapy. Move on to musculoskeletal improvements; bone integrity maintenance; skeletal development; the lessening and management of scoliosis and the management of atrophy in the trunk and lower extremities; as well as a marked decrease in joint and muscular contracture…and you’ll be well on your way to understanding why Altimate Medical and their EasyStand brand have been such a success, since EasyStand’s inception way back in 1987.

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