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We are a family run, disabled-owned, small business based in San Diego. When not telling our kiddo he’s had enough screen time, bemoaning restaurant high-top tables, or chasing that alleged 'Work/Life Balance' We run this store. And we love it.

We love these products and how they can make life better. I go to an adaptive gym here in SD and get to use a stander a few times a week. The way it makes me feel while standing - feeling my whole body stretch, looking at people eye-level (actually, standing I'm usually taller than them) is indescribable.
If you choose to buy or crowdfund from us using MobilityFunder®, I want you, your child, or someone you care about to feel the way I do when using the right equipment that makes a difference.

Should’a ducked.

Here’s a really old photo of me in Australia wearing a shirt that is embarrassingly dated.

I know what it’s like to be frustrated and feel neglected by mobility providers, unfortunately we hear about it everyday from our customers. Just like you... we have been delayed, ignored and treated like less than a priority.
We’ll do our best to be as informative as possible, answer your questions, and give you the best price anywhere.

Carly & Andy

Our kiddo Sloan (right) and his cohort (left).

Parenting is tough enough and matching the right equipment for your child’s needs isn’t always easy. Behind all of our products is a strong educational focus. Our custom product photography & videos, helpful Journal Guides, and expert support are designed to work with the goals of the medical and therapy team that takes care of your child. Parent to parent support, in addition to detailed product information, can offer you a network of resources. Our goal is to improve your child’s independence and provide you, as a parent, with the tools and the equipment to do the same.

If you come looking for a product, we’ll recommend one that's best for you. We’re unbiased, independent and looking for the best solution for you. We aren’t going to hassle you, you have enough of that already.

And if you’re ever in, or plan to visit, San Diego, reach out for accessible restaurant recommendations, places to stay, or where to get the best fish taco in San Diego.

Andy Huesing
Founder / Director

Shameless Plug: SDSU Fitness Clinic

Standing and looking for something. Snacks?