Accessories & Options

TextMany accessories are available to increase usage of the Rodeo and add specific support where needed.

Accessories Slider Center

This belt is great for when the Chill-Out Chair’s built-in pommel is inadequate for pelvic stabilization.

3-Piece Foam Positioning Aids

Increase support with these foam positioning aids. They can tuck underneath the cover with the chair’s existing foam or can be used on top of the chair for multi-use settings.

Removable Abduction Pommel

The Removable Abduction Pommel sits between the user’s legs to help encourage hip abduction. The pommel is attached to the Chill-Out Chair with strong velcro straps and can be removed as desired.

Medbloc Liner

Heat-sealed liner that prevents moisture seepage and protects the hygienic integrity of the foam against spills and accidents. Highly recommended!

Occiput Headrest

Provides targeted support for the neck and head. Can be adjusted to allow for growth.

Activity Wedge

Insert to encourage upright positioning, can be removed or added as necessary.

Memory Foam Liner

Adds an extra layer of foam for comfort.

Accessories Sleeve Pocket

Store your portable electronics, adaptive communication devices, and video players right with your chair.