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There’s no greater therapy than the kind that your special needs child or loved one will want to enjoy again and again, for the fun and freedom of it! Some parents and carers don’t even realise that, with the right support and balance assistance, their loved ones can gain immense independence and join in with the other kids on the bike trail, on the playground or in the park. Browse our selection of adaptive bikes and trikes NOW to get your child involved.






Adaptive bikes for kids with special needs

Of all the therapeutic aides available to special needs children, there are few which provide as powerful and lasting a sense of inclusion as the adaptive bike and the adaptive trike.  As the only bit of special needs gear that’s practically indistinguishable from play and exercise aides used by the other kids in the park or on the bike trail, the adaptive bike is a therapy tool that your special needs child won’t ever get enough of…one that has a profound effect on a special needs child’s self esteem and sense of social belonging.

What’s more, riding therapy with a supportive adaptive bike or adaptive trike is proven to have a list of benefits that extends far beyond the emotional and psychological, assisting and enhancing physical and physiological development on every level, in a way that’s fun for the user and the entire family.

Freedom Concepts Adaptive Bikes and Trikes

Through 20 years of research, along with active interaction with and feedback from medical professionals, therapists and special needs families, Freedom Concepts have become renowned experts in catering to children, teens and adults with issues like cerebral palsy, Spinal Bifida, Muscular Dystrophy, Angolan Syndrome, Rett Syndrome and Visual Impairment, with tricycles and bicycles that are tailor-made to accommodate their unique and diverse diagnoses.

Working with physical and occupational therapists, they’ve developed a series of adaptive Freedom Concepts bike and adaptive trike ranges, to allow riders to build muscle tone, learn new movement patterns and exceed their physical and emotional therapy goals with every session, thanks to targeted support, exceptional functionality and the miracle of proven benefits to a therapy that is actually loads of fun for the user!

Rifton Adaptive Trikes

All-American adaptive and mobility innovator, Rifton, is one of the most respected and experienced brands in the industry and their range of adaptive Rifton bikes…or, more specifically, trikes, is all about giving special needs kids, teens and adults the opportunity to actively engage outdoors with family, friends and peers.

Clever, functional and modular designs take into account a wide range of possible special needs and diagnoses, with easy transfers and a host of optional accessories to make therapy time the funnest time of any day. With a Rifton bike, you can expect to see notable improvements in strength, balance and neuromuscular feedback but, most importantly, you can expect to see plenty more smiles!

It is also very important to point out the long-term benefits of using an adaptive bike (all the fun aside!) 

These benefits include:

  • Bone Growth
  • Strengthening of anti-gravity muscles
  • Development of hand/eye coordination
  • Opportunity for cognitive growth
  • Respiratory activity
  • Development of Head and Trunk control
  • Social Acceptance
  • Improved self-esteem
  • On Tadpole Adaptive, we offer all the top models of Special Needs Bikes, Trikes, Bicycles, etc from top brands like Rifton, Kaye, Freedom Concepts and AmTryke.

    Not to worry, at Tadpole Adaptive, we are experts with years of hands on experience to guide you though the decision process. You can contact us and book a time to Talk to a Therapist to help answer any questions that you have.