Dynamic/Mobile Standers






About Dynamic/Mobile Standers

This style of stander offers movement to the user in one of two ways: One type allows the user to move on the base of the stander while the stander itself remains in a stationary position. This may offer greater benefits for improving bone density, body awareness, and ability to shift weight for exercise, play or functional activities. The second type offers the option for the child to move the entire unit while standing. Mobility expands the opportunities for your child to play, make choices, explore, socialize and participate while in a standing position!

Users who have the ability to push a manual wheelchair can really benefit from a mobile stander. You can even consider a mobile stander for children who are using a gait trainer. Use of a stander can be beneficial to prolong standing times and allow users who rely on support from their arms on a gait trainer to use their hands for functional activities while being supported in a standing position. Some mobile standers can have their large drive wheels removed allowing the user to get even closer to a table or counter. Many children with diagnoses such as Spina Bifida and Cerebral Palsy benefit from the combination of standing and hand freedom for activities that a mobile special needs stander can provide.

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Need some advice or help with your decision? Check out the entry from ’The Journal’, "How to Choose the Right Special Needs Stander". Or, reach out to us if you need help deciding (these can be tricky).



• A caregiver is required for transfers

• May require assistance with positioning any necessary supports

• Maintaining balance & stability while moving

• A child needs to be able to control their own head position while standing

• Can benefit from stander accessories to enable movement and greater peer interaction