Browse our incredible selection of innovative, highly customisable adaptive and standing solutions from beloved special needs brand, Jenx. Designed with optimal development in mind, Jenx offers a range of supportive, comfortable and modular adaptive tools that includes some of the best standers on the market.






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Save $1,073.00

Jenx products

Jenx was founded by a paediatric physiotherapist and a product designer in 1982, with the aim of enriching lives and changing perceptions about disability. For more than quarter of a century, Jenx has been researching, designing and making pioneering developmental furniture that supports children as they grow. Over the years Jenx has become the world's most respected company dedicated to developmental furniture for children.

At Jenx, they believe in putting people first and building strong, supportive relationships with their customers. All of Jenx products are made in Sheffield, England, to exacting safety standards.

Family time is one of the best types of therapy there is, whether you are a special needs child or teen, or whether you are a carer to a special needs loved one. Family values and the desire to make family time a hassle free, enriching experience is at the forefront for the Jenx brand. In fact, this passionate adaptive and rehabilitation brand, which has been in business since 1982, when Clive and Catherine Jenkins constructed the first Prone Board in their garage, remains a family run enterprise to this day!

It was a match made in heaven, a labour of love by a paediatric physiotherapist and a product designer. Working closely with children, carers and therapists on a daily basis is one of the things that allows Jenx to create adaptive products that innovatively put the end user first.

Jenx’s core principles

One thing that about Jenx that strikes a melodic chord is their passion for changing perceptions about disability, which the man in the street is finally learning to see as not so much disability as special need… …the need for tools, just like the able bodied person, which, once provided, begin to open up doors for those who wield them. According to Jenx (and us), every position a child adopts has an effect on their development and functional movement both now and in the future.

A special needs child develops, in the same way an ‘able bodied’ child does, when given the therapeutic tools to do so: tools like the bespoke innovations created by the Jenx brand. Every one of Jenx’s new products undergoes a period of consultation and research to directly inform the design process. This stage is backed by regular attendance of conferences, exhibitions and courses by the Jenx team, to make sure that their designs not only meet the ‘state of the art’ but exceed it, with the help of hands-on experience with carers, special needs children and therapists.

Another factor which sets the Jenx brand apart and places them firmly in our books as a partner to trust, is how transparent they are about everything from their inspiration to the details of design and production. When it comes to the safety, support, comfort and development of our nearest and dearest, transparency isn’t a bonus, it’s a prerequisite.

Some of the Jenx products available at

With 36 years of experience in the field, you can rest assured your special needs child is in good hands when it comes to Jenx offerings. Here a few examples:

At tadpoleadaptive. com, we offer not just these few, bespoke examples but an extended list of innovative Jenx solutions that might just be the right pick for you!