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Founded in 1977 as an offshoot of kids-only furniture and equipment makers, Community Playthings when designers from the brand (while on call at a Connecticut home for special needs children) were approached by a therapist who required a custom-build for one of their much-loved residents.

Over the course of 6 months, word spread about the successful build and before they knew it, custom orders for special needs children began rolling in. The designers had stumbled on a gap in the market that was in dire need of quality filling and it was with Rifton Equipment that they set out to address the lack. It was during these formative years that social attitudes toward special needs persons truly started changing for the better. It was time for a transformation and Rifton was ready for the job.

Special needs children and adults have every right to the opportunity and interaction afforded to able bodied persons but to do that, quality, reliable tools for development and mobility were needed. At Rifton, every phase of production is done ‘in-house,’ including design, building and service.

Rifton’s high and ethical standards

It’s about being held accountable as well as it is about ensuring that special needs children (and their carers) get the products they deserve, at a price that’s reasonable, considering the many therapeutic and medical costs that so often come with caring for a special needs individual. At state of the art facilities in New York’s Hudson Valley and southwestern Pennsylvania, Rifton partners with local suppliers, representing the best of American values by supporting the regions’ economies and running lean facilities which are low on both waste and overhead.

Their innovative, modular designs are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of all end users, including the special needs child or special needs patient, the therapist and/or the carer. This is done through active trial and feedback, a hands on approach where Rifton equipment specialists are in constant interaction with therapists and special needs users, themselves. Quality is key at Rifton, where the goal is to provide a product that, in turn, will provide the end user with years and years of functional service.

In order to achieve this, real-world use is simulated in Rifton’s test labs, resulting in products which are only presented to you and your loved ones when they are ready and 100% flawless.

Some Rifton products distributed by tadpoleadaptive.com

Adaptive gear like Rifton’s E-Pacer and Compass Chair are hand-crafted by individuals for individuals, every component hand stitched, welded, assembled or adhered.

We, at tadpoleadaptive.com are proud distributers for these and other bespoke examples of Rifton equipment.