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Adaptive seating should provide the comfort, postural support and upper body range of motion to inspire active involvement during therapy and play sessions. Browse our comprehensive inventory of bespoke, customisable special needs seating solutions for every type of situation, designed by our favourite adaptive brands for children and adults of every description and diagnosis.






Special needs chairs and seating

For special needs children and adults, proper orthopaedic support while seated at home, in class or therapy, during play and on the move can mean the difference between fulfilling their development potential or not. A lack of proper support, posturing and contouring can have a disastrous effect on musculoskeletal development and on the success of treatments for various orthopaedic conditions, so it’s absolutely essential that you find a special needs chair with the full range of necessary accessories and support.

Choosing the correct chair for your special needs child may seem like a daunting task but luckily we’ve narrowed the search down for you by offering a selection of adaptive chair options, special needs activity chair options, alternative seating and more, from the best brands on the market and boasting the kinds of features you really need!

Choosing the right special needs seating

There are so many factors to take into account when choosing special needs seating for a loved one who’s unique diagnosis requires targeted postural and orthopaedic support, in a package that’s functional within the given space. We offer a comprehensive range of suitable special needs activity chair options from the world’s leading specialists in the field, such as Leckey, Rifton and Thomashilfen.

Modular solutions, with support, abduction and lifestyle accessories to target and meet those individual needs; alignment from toes to head, with enough range of motion in the upper extremities to allow the user to actively engage in activities, that’s what we’re after and that’s what we’ve got on offer!

After a long day’s work, there’s nothing better than kicking back on the couch, to chill in maximum comfort…why not allow your special needs loved one to do the same?! We offer a unique range of alternative seating options to not only support your child during activity time but also during chill time.

Check out our range of curated comfy couches, pods and poofs designed and lovingly created with special needs children and adults in mind. What we’re looking for in a pod or alternative seat is ease of use, maximum comfort and a base of support that will prevent the injury and risk associated with ordinary poofs and couches…and once again, we’ve got a sizeable selection of bespoke items offering just these features. So, if you’re looking for a chair for your special needs child, whether it be for activity, play, therapy or downtime, has got you covered.

Sitting up changes the way your child views the world and how the world views your child.  There are a variety of systems that can help your child accomplish this goal at the same time as the rest of their pals, just with a little extra help.  At any age, seating systems can simply give a reminder to sit up well, provide complete support, or anything in-between.  When seated, your child has unique opportunities to work on the muscles controlling their head and trunk, to use their hands in a new way and to participate in everything from learning, playing, eating, or just some R&R!

On Tadpole Adaptive, we offer all the top models of Special Needs Seating Systems from Ottobock, Leckey, Rifton, Special Tomato, Kaye and Thomashilfen.

Not to worry, at Tadpole Adaptive, we are experts with years of hands on experience to guide you though the decision process. You can contact us and book a time to Talk to a Therapist to help answer any questions that you have