Proper standing therapy is a miracle development tool for special needs children and adults of every description. Supportive and versatile adult and paediatric standers should offer a sense of independence and a spirit of fun, for safe, active and effective therapy sessions. Check out our inventory of innovative standing solutions from the world’s leading adaptive brands.






The benefits of using a stander

With the help of a convenient, well-designed stander, equipped with the right selection of support and posture accessories for the user’s unique diagnosis and condition, users can expect to reap many, if not all, of the following miraculous benefits of standing therapy.

  • A decrease in the occurrence and severity of joint and muscle contractures
  • Improved muscle tone and strength in the lower limbs and extremities
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved digestive organ function
  • Management of atrophy
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Cardiovascular improvements
  • Lessening of ulcers
  • Improved range of motion

Prone standers

Prone position standers and paediatric standers are of particular benefit to those who require strengthening of the neck and trunk muscles, as well as those who need a little extra help and positioning in order to mobilise their arms and improve upper body range of motion.

We offer a comprehensive selection of prone only standers (and multi position standers which incorporate this option), including the Rifton Prone Stander and the Monkey Prone Stander.

Supine standers

This variation of stander offers a reclined standing position with gradual tilting toward the upright standing position. It’s an ideal recovery and development tool for children and adults with severe orthopaedic issues and little control of the trunk and head. We offer an impressive selection of supportive supine standers (as well as multi position standers which incorporate this option) from leading brands in the rehabilitation and adaptive industry.

Some of the supine standers on offer include the EasyStand Zing Supine Stander, the Rifton Supine Stander and the R82 Caribou.

Vertical / upright standers

An ideal therapy solution for those with mild to moderate special needs, the vertical or upright stander, as the name implies, supports the user’s joints and pivot points while positioned in a weight-bearing, upright stance.

Some of the full-featured and high quality adaptive vertical standers or upright standers on offer here at include the Ormesa Mini Standy and the Leckey Freestander. Vertical and upright configurations are also available in most of our MPS options.

Multiposition standers (MPSs)

As the name implies, multi-position standers or paediatric standers are an invaluable, versatile solution, including one or more positioning options such as vertical, supine and prone. These MPS standing systems are designed for progressive therapy regimes and situations in which more than one person will be making use of the device.

Some of the highly customisable and bespoke options on offer her include the EasyStand Zing MPS and the Leckey Squiggles.

Sit-to-stand standers

Sit-to-stand special needs standers allow children or adults to experience a supportive and risk-free, natural transition from the seated position into standing, with easy transfer into the device, from seated to seated positions.

We offer an impressive selection of bespoke sit-to-stand paediatric standers and adult standers from some of the world’s foremost adaptive brands.

Some of the options on offer here include the EasyStand Strapstand and the EasyStand Evolv.

Mobility / Dynamic standers

Most of our special needs standers either come standard with swivelling casters for easy mobilisation of the device from one space to another; otherwise mobility kits tend to be available in models which don’t offer a mobile base as standard.

For those special needs children and special needs adults who are able, some standers offer the independence of self propulsion while standing within the device, either from place to place within the space or while the device is static, in the form of ‘gliding’.

Standers which give the user the option of self-propulsion or ‘gliding’ are known as dynamic or mobility standers. We offer a curated selection of exciting, high-quality mobile standers, such as the Rifton mobile Stander, the R82 Rabbit Up and the Leckey MyWay.