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Browse our range of adaptive and special needs gear from the passionate experts at Special Tomato. These products were conceived by a father and industrial designer who felt he needed to provide his daughter, born with Downs Syndrome, with better, safer and more comfortable equipment






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Save $106.58

Special Tomato - Pediatric Adaptive Equipment

Established following his daughter’s birth in 1976, the Tumble Forms brand was a labour of love and also the predecessor to Special Tomato, which was named for Tim’s daughter and which featured products and Special Tomato chairs boasting Tim’s innovative new contouring and lining material, the trade-marked Soft-Touch material.

Tim approach to designing for the special needs market was a direct reflection of his own experience in raising a special needs child and, as a result, the brand released gear that was not only more durable and safe than the usual…but also more aesthetically pleasing, with vibrant colours that stimulated both the users and their carers.

Tim took these successful designs a step further in 1988, with the invention of his Soft-Touch material and the beginning of the Special Tomato brand.

All about Soft-Touch

Soft-Touch was born out of a need to employ a softer, more comfortable outer shell to equipment designs, to make them more user friendly in prolonged, regular therapy sessions. Latex-free and with built in anti-microbial properties, Soft-Touch is a key feature in most of Special Tomato’s incredible designs.

Not only does it help the user stay safe, hygienic and protected during extensive use of a Special Tomato seat, the user also gets to enjoy complete, contoured comfort that springs back into its original shape right after use. Contoured liners and supports made using the trademarked Soft-Touch material completely seamless, with an exterior that’s impermeable to fluids, easy to wipe and clean and guaranteed to be tear and peel resistant.

The soft interior foam provides just enough give to be supportive and extremely comfy, moulding itself to the individual shape of the user while providing enough resistance to help correct issues with posture and positioning.

Some of the Special Tomato products available at tadpoleadaptive.com:

Tadpole Adaptive is a proud distributer of a comprehensive range of Special Tomato products, including the Special Tomato seat conversion options like the Soft Touch Liner and the Portable Potty Seat and stroller and Special Tomato chair systems like the EIO Pushchair and the Hi-Low (MPS) Seating system.