German engineering at its very best, browse our selection of Thomashilfen gear. Thomashilfen spe-cialises in the crafting of bespoke mobility, sleeping and adaptive gear for special needs children, adults and elders who need that little bit of extra support whilst they go about the business of enjoy-ing life.






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Thomashilfen products

This Seattle based brand go the extra mile when it comes to the design and manufacture of their impressive inventory of special needs products. Manufactured to last and designed to withstand the rigours of heavy duty, everyday use, Thomashilfen products promise to not only get your special needs child through their daily therapy and lifestyle routine in comfort, safety and support, but also to assist with your loved ones’ development by broadening their horizons with tools they can trust.

Their state of the art gear will not only get your special needs child there in style, it will give you peace of mind by adhering to the strictest safety and manufacturing standards. What’s more, Thomashilfen’s crash-tested special needs strollers, boosters and carseats cater to the widest array of diagnoses, offering unmatched adjustment capability and a king’s share of innovative and easy to install optional accessories. Quick and toolless adjustment not only eliminates frustrations for the special needs end user, it also streamlines the experience for the carer, who puts in more than enough effort to be taken care of as well, once in a while!

Painless transfer, washable, breathable fabric, optimal postural positioning and proper orthopaedic support, along with strict adherence to safety standards, all combine in Thomashilfen’s top-tier adaptive and mobility gear, making this brand one of the leading names in the adaptive market. Also known as ExoMotion (US division of Thomashilfen in Germany), Thomashilfen and it’s dedicated tribe of passionate professionals, advisors, designers and manufacturers have been doing what they do best, day in and day out for nigh on four decades and they don’t look close to stopping now. Enjoy!

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Trendy, modular designs, like the EasyS Advantage Special Needs Stroller and the Recaro Monza Nova 2 Carseat, come jam packed with innovations that secure Thomashilfen’s place as a rehab brand that’s ready to meet the future.

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