Special needs toilet, bath and shower time should not be made near-impossible through difficult, risky transfers and solutions that leave the user inaccessible and uncomfortable. Our curated selection of shower, bath and commode chairs and adaptors offers options for every special needs user in every bathroom and toilet situation; all safe, hygienic, supportive, accessible and stylish.






Adaptive toileting and bath accessories

As an essential part of everyone’s daily routine, personal hygiene is something we tend to take for granted. For special needs families, however, the necessaries can be a time of stress and even risk, if the appropriate hygienic and supportive adaptive toileting and bathroom gear is not employed.

When it comes to assisted toileting, we curate our selection based on criteria such as versatility, comfort, supportiveness, clean-ability and practicality.

Whether it be the adaptive toilet seat or commode chair; toilet adapter; bath or shower chair or a combination of these, adaptive hygiene solutions often need to be highly portable and able to move in and out of the way at a moments notice. That’s why many of our listed toileting systems include castors and mobile bases or grab handles for easy manoeuvring, at the very least.

Adaptive toileting solutions should also offer the flexibility to function within a range of bathroom settings, with the versatility to promote a sense of release and relaxation in the user. Furthermore, adaptive toiling systems should compensate for orthopaedic issues, such as inefficient upper or lower body strength or control and limited range of motion, with solutions that provide enough support to eliminate the risks of toilet or bath time injury.

Innovative adaptive toileting solutions on offer at

From accessible and tiltable shower/bath and commode chair combos, like the R82 Heron, the Etac Clean Comfort and the R82 Flamingo, to mobile toilet-seat raisers, like the Etac Swift, and bathroom transfer support stations, like Rifton’s K710… we offer a comprehensive, curated selection of adaptive toilet seat options and special needs toileting solutions from some of the most trusted names in adaptive equipment.