A fee-free, powerful & personal platform built just for us.

A better option for you.

We all know how limited funding options & high costs make it difficult (or impossible) to get the adaptive gear you need.  Sometimes we all need a little extra help. Tadpole Adaptive is proud to offer MobilityFunder® as a flexible crowdfunding or group gifting solution. It’s unlike the other options that may have hidden fees, platform costs, and always have transaction charges. It's a simple, powerful and easy way for you to “Thrive from Your Hive!”

We get it.

We use mobility equipment too. It’s expensive, and like any user, partner or parent you want and deserve the best. While struggling with our own mobility needs, we were also hearing from so many of our customers and friends how the items they require are just out of reach. We were frustrated with the gap between need & means…

MobilityFunder® bridges that void, while giving you a path to your goal.


    Find the item you need in our store, configure & choose options, then click the MobilityFunder® button instead of checking out.


    Follow the easy steps to tell your story, build your page and make it personal, add pictures (even a video), and name your campaign.


    Spread the word to Your Hive by sharing your campaign, on Facebook (best option), Instagram, email, text, by raven, on your blog, etc.


    Once you’ve created some Buzz, expect the contributions from Your Hive to come in. Remember to keep sharing!

When should I use MobilityFunder?

No insurance, item's not covered, waiver/voucher not enough, item I need isn’t coded, they’ll only cover the cheap option, birthday or holiday coming up, need outdoor/exercise equipment, can only afford half, want the real thing and not the knock-off, ugh... we've been there!

  • No Extra Fees
  • Expert Help
  • Easy to Use
  • Flexible Solution

Many uses for MobilityFunder as a solution...

Use it easily as a Crowdfunding/Fundraising Tool

As a ‘Group-Gift’ Registry, for a birthday, fundraiser, event, etc

Use it as a way to pay in installments (on your own schedule. with no extra fees) or interest

'Pay-Half/Fund-Half’: You need that perfect item but it’s 3K (been there!) and you only have $1500… >you can pay the $1500 upfront and use MobilityFunder for the other half

‘Fund-Some’, ‘Finance Some’ : Use, Affirm Payments or  PayPal’s BillMeLater through Tadpole

Have a charity, trust, grant or state waiver system giving you funds but need a little extra to cover the full cost of the item? This is a great solution. Many people have had success with this method!

*All MobilityFunder® Campaigns are reviewed by Tadpole Adaptive’s staff before launching, we reserve the right to deny, cancel, or refuse campaigns at our discretion.

Get a 5% BuzzBoost!

We’ll help get your MobilityFunder™ Campaign humming with an initial 5% contribution. (Limited time only, pledge intially, applied at 100% completion)


(Outside the USA, including Canada)

Outside the USA? Maybe we can make this happen (maybe not). Since MobilityFunder campaigns are for products available on Tadpole Adaptive, we are limited to shipping and sales terms on Tadpole Adaptive. Tadpole has different agreements with different manufacturers we represent and can’t ship certain products to some countries. We are happy to discuss this with you if you are outside the USA. We’ve also partnered with affordable & reliable freight forwarders that can get allowed items delivered internationally at reasonable rates.

Need Help?

Reach out to us anytime if you need help with product questions, configuring, measuring, setting up your campaign, tips for promoting or anything else!